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OPEN FOR BOOKING! Nanny Workshops

OPEN FOR BOOKING! Nanny Workshops

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I have joined up with an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Psychologist to bring you my first EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT NANNY WORKSHOP with my first workshop taking place in May 2019.

I will be covering the basic process of how learning and development takes place from conception onwards. The workshop will cover the basics of the following:

  • Sensory & Motor Development
  • Language and Cognitive Development
  • Social and Emotional Development & Positive Discipline

The course will explore LEARNING THROUGH PLAY ideas and suggestions for activities and toys to stimulate normal child development from birth to three years old. 

Nannies will receive a participation certificate and manual to take home.

The first workshop is scheduled to take place at my house in Claremont, Cape Town from 8:30 to 12:00 on Friday 18th May and will include tea/coffee and biscuits.

After that I'm planning on scheduling one workshop a month or as there is a demand.

Contact me if you’d like to host a workshop in your home for your nanny and nannies in your neighborhood. If there are a minimum of 4 candidates I can arrange to come to you!

Email me on info@pandapost.co.za to find out more and to book a place.